Filosophi welcomes Erica McKeddie

We can’t even tell you how excited we are! Erica McKeddie founded the award winning White Dahlia Events about 5 years ago, and after much convincing we are so thrilled to announce that she is joining the team here at Filosophi as a principal planner. Erica has been a good friend of ours for some time, and she naturally embodies the Filosophi mentality. She is smart and hilarious, hardworking and fun, and an amazing planner – she is our kind of people! We can’t tell you how happy and proud we are to have her join Filosophi. Let the good times roll!



Hiring Wedding Day Assistants


We are now hiring wedding day assistants for the 2013 season and beyond. This position is part-time, contract work. It is a great opportunity to get a realistic idea of what event planning is like and to see if it’s right for you. No experience is necessary though we are seeking specific personality traits. You will be working alongside experienced planners and gaining much knowledge and insight into the event planning world. Details are on the attached poster on how to apply – there are a limited number of positions available, and only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


Behind the Scenes – Creative Shoot with Sweet Heirloom Photography

We did our first ever creative shoot (aka styled shoot, editorial shoot) with Sweet Heirloom Photography last spring and were very pleased to find it a home on the WedLuxe blog  last week (check it out HERE). It was such a fun process and we wanted to share a bit more about the shoot and about creative shoots in general, as well as offer a look behind the scenes of the shoot.

Photo by Sweet Heirloom Photography

In addition to real weddings, we had noticed that the many popular wedding blogs are regularly  featuring these orchestrated shoots – not of an actual wedding but of a wedding-like set up put together by photographers, planners, decorators and so on to try out some of their own ideas and give inspiration to brides-to-be. These shoots are meant to inspire and make statements about the possibilities of colours, themes and aesthetics. It starts with someone having an idea, and then that person (be it a planner, photographer, cake maker or any type of vendor) will assemble a team of like minded vendors who donate their time, skills, products and money to bring together all the details need to make the shoot happen. While there are many elements that may not be totally feasible on a wedding day (enormous centrepieces, arm chairs instead of normal chairs, a location not truly suitable for a reception etc) they are meant to give ideas rather than to be literally translated to a wedding day, which is why most of them are over the top, statement-making set ups. Think of them like couture fashion shows in that you may not wear that crazy dress on the street, but you would take cues from the shape, style, texture etc.

Photos by Sweet Heirloom Photography

Below is a bit of a Q&A to give you some insight into what these shoots are all about, and why people do them. Well, from our perspective, anyways!

Photos by Sweet Heirloom Photography

Photos by Sweet Heirloom Photography

why do creative shoots?
Sweet Heirloom: Creative shoots can be such a wonderful way to let all those ideas that have been building up inside out. Collaboration is an important thing for us and so getting to create and work with other professionals who are passionate about their work is so so inspiring.
Filosophi: As a planner, you are always working to bring the personality of your clients into the look and feel of their event. We liked the idea of doing a creative shoot as we could explore some ideas that we had, but hadn’t had the chance to do in ‘real life’ as the right clients for them hadn’t come along just yet. It was a great opportunity for us to try to come up with details and an aesthetic that we hadn’t seen before in order to give some truly new and unique inspiration to the world, as so much in the wedding world is done, then done over and over again. Being a bit off the beaten path is what we are known for and we really wanted to embrace that.

Photos by: Left – AdamandKev Photography, Right – Sweet Heirloom Photography

what is challenging about it?
Sweet Heirloom: One of the most challenging parts is coming up with something new and fresh and that no one has seen before. We know a lot of things have been done before and done a lot! Trying to create a look that’s completely original can be hard.
Filosophi: It was interesting to have all the freedom to do whatever we wanted, but also a challenge. Usually we are guided by the style and personality of our clients, and they make the final decisions. With this shoot it was all up to us (and the other vendors on the team) which made the possibilities endless. As SH said, we really wanted to ensure that we did things we had never seen before, and starting with a blank slate was tricky.

Photos by: Left – AdamandKev Photography, Right – Sweet Heirloom Photography

how did you come up with the idea of the dark, moodier shoot and why? 
Sweet Heirloom: We really wanted to try and do something that we haven’t seen for a while. Vintage romance with pastels were kind of taking over wedding magazines and blogs and although we do love our share of vintage, we felt like it would be nice to do something a lot more edgy.
Filosophi: When Sweet Heirloom approached us about helping them with the shoot, they already had an idea of doing things a little ‘darker’ – mainly because vintage, pastels and neutrals were really predominant on the blogs this year, and they wanted to get away from the everyday – and we were all about that!!

Photos by: Left – AdamandKev Photography, Right – Sweet Heirloom Photography

how did you choose the planner you wanted to work with (filosophi)?
Sweet Heirloom: We had wanted to work the the ladies at filosophi for a while now. We knew that they were both very hardworking and the work we had seen of theirs was really creative – definitely out of the box. When we found out that they had moved into an office space doors down from us, we knew we had to snatch them up for our idea. These woman do not disappoint. The combination of their team and efforts is ridiculous!  So much imagination and passion for what they do.
Filosophi: Awww, shucks. We were tickled when SH came to us and asked us to be a part of the shoot, and even more excited when we heard their ideas. Photographers don’t always come with an idea from what we understand, not to mention that they helped with every step of the way. It was such a fun collaboration.

Photos by: Left – AdamandKev Photography, Right – Sweet Heirloom Photography

did it end up meeting your expectations/the vision?
Sweet Heirloom: Our initial vision was based around the idea of a windy stormy shoot, particularly because Vancouver usually doesn’t disappoint when it comes to lots of rain 😉 The forecast just kept getting better and better and so we just decided to go with it. Lots and lots of sunshine gave the shoot a completely different look that we imagined. In the end, we were really happy with the results.
Filosophi: It was the only time in our lives that we wanted clouds and/or rain for an event and it was gloriously sunny… but the SH ladies really made it work regardless and the end result was really dreamy, romantic and awesome – so while it was a tiny but different than planned, we are more than happy with how it turned out.
what was your favourite part about this shoot?
Sweet Heirloom: Our favourite part of the shoot was seeing the ideas come together, especially the decor. Wow! So many cool little pieces to photograph. Our models were pretty amazing too! When Ashley came out in her first dress with that rocking hair we knew it was going to be a good day. We feel so lucky that we had such a great teaming working with us.
Filosophi: The same thing as what we said was the challenge – not having a ‘boss’, which allowed us to just be crazy and try all of our ideas.

Photos by: Left – AdamandKev Photography, Right – Sweet Heirloom Photography

Least favourite part?
Sweet Heirloom: The stairs (down to/upfrom the location).
Filosophi: Yes, the stairs. Definitely those stairs. Was a pretty intense load in (and out).
Check out more of the creative shoot here:
And see more of the behind the scenes here:

The people that made it happen:

Design & Production – Filosophi Event Planning & Design
Behind the scenes photography – AdamandKev Photography
Cake  – Sweet Thea 
White Gown – Lazaro from Bisou Bridal
Black Gown – Lillen Collection from Bisou Bridal
Make Up – Vanessa Mills
Hair – Stephanie Park for Vanessa Mills
Stationery – Studio Wonder
Tables – Trove Vintage
Chairs – Loungeworks
Models – Cory Curtis & Ashley Tungate of SideOne, Adam Charania

SideOne – not your average event band.

sideone by adamandkev

If you want your party to actually be a party, then it’s worth investing in a live band. But the band needs to be anything but cheesy, lame or stereotypical – so basically what Im saying is it needs to be Side One. For full disclosure, we here at Filosophi had a lot of input in the creation process of Side One, but thats good news, as the result is everything an event planner (and their clients) could ever want in a party band, including a reasonable price tag. Even more awesome is that since the whole band is made up of professional musicians, they can happily also provide options for the ceremony (piano solo, acoustic guitar, duos and trios, anything you can need) as well as for cocktailing hour from acoustic covers to jazz.

Check out this video, their awesomeness speaks for itself.

and visit them online at

a peek at the past few months :)

Well, it’s been a very busy summer, and now we embark on the task of tracking down all the photos from our favourite weddings of the season! While we work on that, we wanted to share some links to photoblogs from some of our weddings so you can check out some recent work. It was a tremendous season, we met some very talented new people and of course worked with some tried and true old friends, and hope you like this little peek of what we have been up to!

ALISSA & DAVE – Rustic Glam Chic. Brock House like you’ve never seen it before. Photography by Gucio Photography. 



TAEGHAN & DAVE. Whimsy and Wilderness. Making a wedding happen at Gambier Island’s Camp Fircom. Photography by Jenna+Tristan Photography. 



LARA & ALAN. Playful Heritage. A perfect example of DIY done right at this sweet Heritage Hall wedding. Photography by Union Photohgraphers. 



JACLYN & SCOTT. Vintage Class. Keeping it elegant and simple at Brock House. Photography by Erin Gilmore. 



KALA & CASEY. Simply Elegant & Contemporary at Brock House. Photography by Jennifer Echols.

say hello to filosophi events

get to know us better in this lil’ promo video by the amazing Jem Garrard.

Filosophi by AdamandKev Photography

When it came to deciding what photos to use for promotional use for Filosophi, we were a little stumped at first. We had loads of favourite images from many weddings, but using them seemed too… normal. We decided to take a new photo that conveyed the feeling of Filosophi, and brainstorming led us all over the map. In the end we came up with a concept that we felt was simple, modern, fun and unique, that conveyed our hands-on and creative approach to event planning.

That, and it gave us an excuse to slosh paint around in dresses, which was the real attraction.

Photo was designed by Filosophi and brought to life by the amazing Nadia Albano on hair and makeup and AdamandKev Photography  behind the lens.